Hello world!

Looks like everyone else is blogging so I thought I would give it a go, its going to be a UK based windsurf blog about me, the ‘weekend warrior’ s as i’m now working.  However, since in the UK the wind doesn’t always blow, you will also get to hear about my SUP and surfing exploits….I hope you enjoy please give me your comments.

So why blog?  Well, I think blogging about windsurfing is really important, particularly in the windsurfing environment we live in within the UK….its all too easy to have a long period without wind or swell and we can easily slip out of the groove from going or trying to go windsurfing.  But as I realized from reading blogs from guys like steve thorp, there’s always conditions out there to seek out, you just have to put in the effort to find them and sometimes you pull it off and score it big time!!!  I hope by documenting my addiction to windsurfing, I can help to motivate people to get on the water and make the most of the superb conditions this country offers.


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