Well, what a weekend…1st place Worthing freestyle event and an amazing experience..…I admit that I have been a bit lame with getting to the UKWA freestyle events this year, poor forecasts and long drives with expensive diesel prices have put me off – and in the early summer the surf was firing in Cornwall so it was hard to pull myself away.   However, missing out on the competition conditions at Hunstanton on day 2 smacked my head against the wall, with a slight glimpse of wind on the Worthing event, I wasn’t gona miss this one!

Arrived at midnight after a long drive from Plymouth Friday night, crap loads of campervans – began to see that the BSA really do have a pretty impressive following… as Saturday dawned the infrastructure started to appear, they even had WIFI in the registration tent! EPIC! Saturday showed some promise of wind, unfortunately I failed to materialize, but there was still loads of activity with 4 Turfdog boards available and perfect dogging conditions.  There was a Tdog comp, making use of the grass bank adding extra speed allowing so pretty cool moves to go down, including forwards – that’s right FORWARDS ON A LAND BOARD and quad flakas.  These bits of kit are seriously cool, they give you a great feel for moves.

Sunday dawned with a foggy head (too much booze in Nicks van), but the wind was due for midday so we had plenty of time to recover.  The wind picked up to solid 5.3 weather, and it looked like competition was ON.  First off as the wind was still building we ran an expression session, where we judged each other.  As well as selecting the seeds for the main comp,  it was an amazing way of improving our competition sailing by seeing what judges would look for.  Adam Sims and Sam Conroy were victors, I didn’t really have my comp head on – getting obsessed with trying to land a super fast grubby time and time again….

During the comp, the wind was lighter and in my first heat I was gutted not to only make the loosers final with a chance of making the overall final.  As a result I had to pull it out the bag and reassess my tactics in the lighter not power freestyle conditions….I sailed a smooth set of tactical heats (4 in quick succession) to eventually take the victory.  I was STAMPED (stoked and amped at the same time ;o) ) bit of a surprise since I know the guys I was sailing against can do a load more moves than me and Adam started to compete on the PWA this year.  I think I sailed tactically, ensuring I had high consistency.

HUUUUUUUGE thanks to Trevor Funnel, who has done freestyle a massive favor by getting the tour going again.  Everyone getting together was not only great for sharing move tips but wicked to discuss the way forward – we have the opportunity to make the tour rider driven, which is a great way to develop a superb high quality tour – watch this space!


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