The WINDY UK Tour…

The last two events of the UK calender (NWF and Poole) both got wind!  Although it wasn’t great wind, there was enough for results on both weekends. Happy days!  Coming from my 1st place at Worthing, I was amped to get back to more competition.

NWF was a truly fantastic event, with plenty of wind for the flagship master blaster and slalom events.  NWF ran a freestyle Expression session on the Sunday afternoon.  Moves going down everywhere as all the guys and girls sailed together, going for the £200 cash prize!  I sailed like a bit of a turd, hungover, but it helped me identify where I need to improve my competition sailing.

Awesome to sail with the spectators and legends like Jem and Harty commentating, looks like next year freestyle will play a bigger part in the event….and you can see why when guys are puilling off world cup standard moves like air chatcoos, burners and culos in mediocre hayling island conditions.  We really do have some amazing talent – and the very top guys weren’t even there!!!

There are some great shots of the session here….Thanks Andy!

Poole the next weekend rocked, although the judges were a bit slow to get going on the Saturday morning and missed the best wind!  There was JUST enough wind to run a freestyle comp on the Saturday avo.  Very light winds.  I got the smack down- thinking I was pretty early planing due to my size, but compared to the 3 top guys Im definatly not. They have the fitness from pretty much constant windsurfing I guess.  Progressed through 1st round into the the next, but I just didn’t have the light wind pumping power to get any good moves in in the next round.  Brilliant experience though and great to sail against Bubble, Sims and Max Rowe…Shows the benefit of sailing in such mediocre conditions…I wont be so picky now I have a stronger competitive side!  I placed =5th in the pros fleet.  Pretty good for my first ever freestyle nationals and being in the pro fleet!  That ended my first ever freestyle competition season, with a 1st and a 5th – I don’t think that’s too bad for a weekend warrior!

Sunday was no wind and a heavy head….took in the windfest vibe in the morning then we did tow in behind jet skis.  A fantastic experience!  All in all, a great weekend, brilliant to see so many competitors turn up (20+), looking forward to next years UKWA freestyle and the autumn for some XPRESSION freestyle windsurfing sessions!


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