Making the most of it…

Some great sessions on the SUP last weekend.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get up to the north coast to make the most of the EPIC swell hitting Cornwall on Friday and Saturday.  Hoping the swell wasn’t to northerly I hit bigbury.  On arriving looked pretty setty, with very long waits between anything and massive crowds, along with the rising tide I decided to sack off surfing it and take the SUP in as it would come into its own on Superbanks which Is a bit of a paddle from the beach, generally a slack wave that throws up multiple steep sections as it travels over the rivermouth banks – (ideal for surfing on with a SUP)….i wasn’t to be disappointed!

While the surfers at bantham were paddling into waves 10 up, me and Jules enjoyed ride after ride of shoulder high rides.  SUP really does have a place when its busy you can paddle to a spot the surfers don’t bother going to and have loads of time on the wave.  We swapped between the 11’2” SB blend and my 9′ SB extremist a little – although the blend is great for tiny waves, its hard to turn, the shorter SUP’s are insane now, super turny and super light.  Starting to really throw the thing around now and learning how you can use the paddle to get more extreme (check out JC’s pics of Kai Lenny at during day 2 of sylt! – looking forward to playing around with some different fin set ups next!

After a few hours Jules headed in and I was joined by Paul and Marie from Tushingham UK.  We surfed pretty hard until it was pitch black, then continued for about an hour!!  Surfing in the dark is hard, riding on feel from the wave completely rather than looking down the line…Awesome to try out Marie’s SB Seven eleven…..pretty short SUP but in another level when you ride it on the wave.

Saturday was about the same size with plenty of SUP’s out again. Got out there at dawn to enjoy a beautiful morning – pretty chilled as I was nailed after 5 hours the day before! Next time we promised ourselves to get the camera out as its stunning.


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