I found some Memories!

We got burgled the other week and the cold harsh realization that irreplaceable stuff got taken was pretty rubbish. Being robbed sucks, particularly when they take the two things that have all your summer video and pictures on. I had been putting together a cool video from the summer away where we scored some awesome wave, jump and freestyle sessions in Portugal and Spain in some pretty unknown spots but all the data was stolen.   I have made a video from all my summer road trips for the past 8 years, unfortunately I wont have that great memory from this years.

But…I was trawling through my hard drive, facebook and you tube for what I had saved elsewhere today and found these switch kono pics and video…brought a massive smile to my face…sweeeet!  I guess facebook gets a browie point this time.

Thanks to Constantin Gross for this amazing shot… taken in Martinhal, Portugal…mid switch Kono on the awesome Goya X1 freestyle weapon!

….stoked to have something still from the trip. Happy days! Looking forward to next summer, with all the wave sailing getting me excited recently, i’m thinking a month in Galicia could be on the cards.


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