Making the most out of Kernow

After a pretty rubbish week as the house was robbed (stealling my camcorder and macbook) I was iching to get out on the water for a sail – we called an Xpression but unfortunately the forecast disappeared. With a slight chance of wind I packed up the van and hit the depths of Cornwall, to possible score Gwithian.  On waking saturday morning  the waves were head and a bit but with no sign of wind, and the waves being pretty fat and crumbly, I took out the 9′ quad SUP for the first time.

Absolutely rocking board, fast and drivey. Some pretty chunky ones rolling through (they always look smaller from that cliff…) and I didnt really know where to jump on some of my paddle outs. The SUP is awesome for days like this when the wave is crumbly, I caught so many waves compared to the surfers around me and on the wave although big, this Starboard SUP is super light and fun. The waves had solid steep sections, but they were short lived….the SUP allowed me to cruise through the slacker part of the wave with a few pumps and strokes and hit the next lip…. I enjoyed it so much I did the same on Saturday evening after a walk around St. Ives bay. Surfed til dark and got up and did exactly the same thing the next day. The wind never did turn up, but having all the kit stored in the van really paid off – plus I got to live at the beach for the whole weekend! EPIC!

A bit late….

where to go? Not being that experienced, i just ran to the front and jumped as high as I could….


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