The power of freestyle!

Early last week the forecast was looking great to run an Xpression down in Bigbury, solid easterlies and not much swell makes this world famous wave sailing spot one of my favorite freestyle windsurfing spots in the UK – Flat and Sotovento style ramps… Myself and Adam Sims held off making the call until later in the week as the previous week, the forecast has disappeared to nothing by Thursday evening….. Unfortunately it did a similar thing this week. There was still some forecast, although not enough to warrant getting everyone down to do a comp, so I hit the beach armed with a pack of morrisons chocolate flapjacks to get me through the day…

Sun and 5.3 weather and a small 1-2 foot wave jump ramp got me all excited and I hit the water on my freestyle board and busted out some of the highest air flakas I think I have ever done! Tried a few ponches on the way out after getting amped up by Izzy trying some (and breaking his mast), getting pretty close so stoked. It was awesome to be on the freestyle board as the waves were just a bit small and weak for riding but were perfect cross off sotovento style stunt ramps. I love being out wavesailing, but in the UK, freestyle is sooooo great for being able to ‘make the most’ out of what the weather has to offer and gets you more water time. Three intense hours later the wind died…lucky really as I had sailed right through lunch and would have collapsed if I hadnt had the chance to destroy those flapjacks.

Check out this insane air flaka shot that I managed to get hold of high quality from a few weeks ago, this was the weekend we had a monster swell at bigbury, but on the sunday avo when the waves were muuuuuch smaller. On Saturday it was smaller again, but I think i was going even higher…AWESOME FUN

I heard cornwall was a little windier, and a head high wave at Pendower…. didn’t even know its sailable, but worth a go next time we see an easterly swell….

Need to get my head round the forecasts…..the wind always goes after mid week for the weekend, hopefully the pattern wont continue and we can get a full power Xpression session!!


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