January Gold Dust – Bigbury-Wednesday 12th

Hit up Bigbury this afternoon for a fun session. Nothing epic, but good jumping off some small ramps, getting much more in tune with hitting ramps to back loop off – time studying Andy king clearly paying off…. Major disappointment was the lack of others to sail with….felt good to get on the water.
I was sure there would have been some other guys out due to the balmy temperatures and 20 knots, but apart from some kites and a guy right down at bantham, I was alone 😦
Anyway sailed hard for 2 hours, I was warm wearing my spartan FOUR THREE convertible, which is an absolute result for the middle of january! Lets hope it just gets better from now and we have had our chilly bit! Unfortunately sailing on your own just isnt the same as with a load of others, windsurfing with others is such a great buzz, and until today I didnt really realize how much. When you are out there, you get motivated seeing other guys sail and try moves that you don’t normally try, sailing on your own requires you to get that drive from yourself….easier said than done, but maybe it is good once in a while to help us get that ‘drive’?

I know its the middle of the week, but 12 degrees in the middle of January is like gold dust, so hope to see you all out on the webcams while im at work for the rest of the week and then on the weekend if the forecast holds this weekend!

Some moody / wintry pictures from Jules, I was pestering her to hit the water, but she was being way to sensible and resting her sprained ankle….so she knitted me a hat – absolute bonus when I got out, apparently knitting is cool these days.


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