Summers here!

Got to be honest, ive been feeling the grind for the past few weeks, dark mornings, dark evenings, no time on the water etc etc….kind of makes you just want to quit work…i think our early on set of winter in november/december has made winter feel loooooong! However, for the first time this week I managed to get on the water after work, not once but 3 times!  Each time I hit bigbury for a surf SUP.  All week the waves have been fantastic, head high, clean and punchy at times.  Monday was amazing, sunny and warm for febuary, maybe springs come early as we got winter prematurely?  Anyway its put a massive spring in my step!

The waves were great and the SUP was performing well, this spot makes surfing so much more accessible….I was getting so many more waves than the surfers, because the wave was peaky and hard to catch on a short board.  Im certainly learning quickly about how to read the wave more, which will transfer well to windsurfing…since getting into the supping I have learnt so much more than in 3 years of surfing, just because you get so many waves! Now im hunting for a smaller SUP so I can throw it around more and feel the love more on the steeper waves.

Happy days 🙂

Burgh Island lit up while eating my sausage and mash at the beach…


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