Surprise full weekend of wind a porche retro board and super stiff booms…

Pretty long post today, but the weekend was soooo much fun I want to share…

There was no real forecast for cornwall and devon until early Friday, where I got a text from an excited Scotty Perry saying, the forecast had just turned completely and we had wind all weekend. Checking the guru confirmed scottys excitement and I spent most of Friday afternoon at work rounding he troops and trying to figure out where we should go! I was pretty surprised that the forecats suddenly came through, I think steve thorpes facebook status says it all….

“B+gger, I was all up for staying at home this weekend, now theres finally wind from nowhere”

Beach of choice for the WNW on sat was daymar, after having to look at my brand new RRD twintip sitting in my house for 3 weeks while recoving from my eye op I was desperate to have a go on it and daymar would certainly have some good potential for this being sheltered from the big swell. I wasn’t disapointed….5 hours of solid sailing – bit light in the afternoon, but even though I chose the 88 litre version I was still planning super early. Top board, twin fins on freestyle board – definatly the future! 360 photography were about taking some nice shots too….theres loads of pics of loads of guys on here, I will be ordering mine shortly!

360 Photography – sat 26th

Sunday dawned and I was aching! A LOT! But we got back on it driving through driving hail back to daymar where the sun came out and it was full power 5.3 freestyle, absolutely amazing! By the end of the day it was 4.2 jumping with wave boards on the far side. I probably tried 100 backloops and learning all the time – they are tricky in cross on conditions, but im confident I will be able to knock them out consistently soon…. I heard the boys at praa had a good one, bit gutted I missed that one, but after a full winter of 100% wave sailing, some freestyle and jumping was really great!

360 photography – Sun 27th

Huge blisters after a bit of a lack of sailing due to my recent laser eye treatment….

After a full weekend of windsurfing plus this weeks surfing, I was 110% stoked – winter in the UK is pretty cruel, and being a weekend warrior sucks, but hopefully now theres a bit of light the only way is up!

Big shout out to my mate and work colleague Nick, who braved daymar in the chilly northerly to learn to windsurf on a 1980’s Alpha slalom board…..when he rocked up with the board on top of his 1986 porche 944 I was grinning all over, absolutely classic. He battled all day getting knocked around trying to beach start in the whitewater – windsurfing really does take some commitment, just remember its amazing once you have got over that initial hurdle! Although go out and buy some modern kit – it makes it easier!!!

1980’s styleeee

Also got to use my new pro 1 carbon chinook boom this weekend, again a top product and pround to use it…probably the lightest boom you will ever feel, and solid. The new design features the same back end but a new clamp end. Its also continuous curve and great to handle/tack etc. I have been using these booms for a few years now so the difference it actually makes is hard to notice, but I gave my old one to Julia who was astounded to the difference a good carbon boom makes to how the rig feels compared to her alloy one.
Check out the product details here


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