Full on Bigbury with a marginal forecast…again!

Yo, still buzzing from yesterdays after work session at bigbury.  Forecast was a bit rubbish, but looking at it more closely the sun was due to come out, it was easterly and picking up from 5….and thats good ingredients for bigbury. I took the van down anyway as I figured it would be a bit of fun and could have dinner down there anyway.  Arrived to full power 4.7 and even a little wave! Took out the twintip twinzer as the waves were small and freestyle looked more fun than the riding.  Super glassy for switch on the rivermouth, and the best stunt ramps for air flakas and ponches on the way out ives seen there for a while.  Took off on some pretty big ramps for air flaka, some hurt! Made my first swtch kono as well in the UK….its also been awesome to have some consistent conditions to practice switch stance, which I really want to make more consistent.  Sailed until it was pitch black, then had fajhitas in the van. Bonus!  No pics im afraid as it was just too good to stand on the beach for!!!More of the same this weekend….maybe…!  Bigbury on an easterly wind, is often a lot windier than forecast (or you get the gust forecast on windguru) particularly if its sunny as you get a small thermal effect that is magnified by the valley.  On dead east this seems to happen a lot, we got it a few weekends back too on even less forecast!

A few people out, but no one was that enthused as the ‘waves were to small’ . I had one of my best sails of the whole year so far, and its purely down to the fact that I did a bit of freestyle, just goes to prove that the disapline makes windsurfing loads better as if the wave conditions are pants I can still have a cranking sail.  So get out there and learn to freestyle, it opens up the world of windsurfing sooooo much more.

Big up to Dougal who was busting some sweet forwards off the ramps, and nearly landed a backie off a knee high one – he’s a crazy Dude.

Julia was also out ripping and made her first fully planing carve gybe – she was so excited she catapulted when she was telling me.

See you on the water!

Heres a shot from Leah Bolton of last weeks cranking daymar session the other week….see previous post.  Fun air flakas off the backs of the waves…




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