Penhale Fog

Managed to finish off the racking in the garage before hitting cornwall for the surf this weekend.  One wall is completely filled with windsurf board, sails and other kit hanging on my uber high tech Carbon fibre mast racking system.  Living the dream! Easy access to all the toys now. Love it.

Cracking weekend on the SUP in nearly empty waves at Penhale this weekend.  Initially it looked like we would get some wind at Bigbury, but unfortunately that turned turtle, but waves were OK so I hit the beach. Sun was shining in Plymtown but a heavy sea mist was all around the coast in Cornwall, i think it kept people away. Reasonable swell shoulder high sets, not a heavy wave so the SUP was the tool of choice…some great rides and some awesome GoPro footage (those things rule!). Saturday night watched a band in Sandsifter and caught up with the Hayle guys, I had a go on the Rattler Cider (oops), hangover from hell the next day but still managed a spooky misty surf again at Penhale with family Howard. The walk back up the dune with my foggy head was pretty uncomfortable….ok…torture, but downloading the go pro footage made it all worth it 🙂

Wind on the way by the looks of things…..happy days!


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