Windsurfed OUT!

When you chat to UK windsurfers, the normal story is that the winds been pretty poor etc etc…but this spring, in the south west, conditions have been pretty good, so much so, i’m cream crackered!

For the past few weeks I have been glued to Windguru and the swell forecasts and have scored so many windsurfs and SUP surfs its crazy, making the most of the light evenings, a bit of freestyle and also classic wave sailing.

Lots of my sailing has been at Torpoint, where I have been playing around with the Go Pro!  Its been light winds but great practice for landing moves in conditions that might happen on this years UKWA Freestyle Tour.  I think I have had 2 or 3 windsurf sessions after work for the past 2 weeks, plus countless SUP sessions….so much so, i’m already looking forward to the winter for a bit of time off! My facebook time has gone down considerably as I haven’t looked through peoples profiles getting jealous of there mega windsurfing trips.

Go Pro Torpoint – Grubby sequence – (good tip if your learning, check out how I rotate my head..)

Go Pro Torpoint – Flaka

The best session of the spring was on Monday night… it  was a toss up between Daymar for glassey freestyle, or Bigbury for possible jumping, emails flew around all day at work, but since the forecast was dropping off we decided to go west for more wind.  We scored 3 hours of heavenly freestyling in the sun, absolutely awesome, everyone was buzzing, Julia was super stokes as she got her first planing duck gybe!  I heard later that Bigbury was also firing and the wind stayed, was a bit jealous as I was keen for some jumping but still had a mega time.  The bar at low tide sets up a great speed strip which works well for a bit of starboard tack switch stance freestyle.

Last night I headed to Gwithian, its always a bit of a risk after work as it’s a long way for only a few hours on the water, arriving to see everyone planing was wickid, so I rushed around like a headless chicken, carried my kit down the very slippy goat path and all the way upwind, as the waves looked better, only to realize I had brought down my 4.2 rather than my 5.3!  So I sprinted back to the van, via slipping (up) the goat path and ended up grabbing my 4.7.  The session was fun, but frustrating as the wind was very up and down and the tide was a bit too low, so the waves were closing out. Still had some cracking turns on very steep sections which felt amazing.  I’m enjoying plugging away at the wave sailing…. i’m at a level where I don’t see improvement every session like I do in freestyle so its harder, but I know it will all be worth it eventually – hopefully I wiill have a break through soon.  Dabbling in the waves has made me really how great freestyle is as a windsurfing discipline, as all you need is wind, you don’t have to get the tide right for the waves or the correct swell direction….it means I can make the most of the time I have to get on the water which has to fit around work.

Saturday was a chance to sail somewhere new…with a marginal SE forecast for the tip of Cornwall, I  was keen to get out at mazza or Praa, but the tide was high when the wind was up, so the best bet seemed to be ‘the windiest lake in the UK’ aka Stithians!  This lake at the top of a windy hill is great fun, and has cracking facilities.  We got some good wind and it was great to see so many people out enjoying themselves, including loads of kids.  Big shout out to the Southwest lakes trust for being so accommodating – we will certainly be back!

After that session, we headed to Gwithian for a surf/SUP, the wind was still pretty strong offshore, sun was out and we got some cracking photos from Jules.

Bit late on this one…

Jumped on a ‘proper’ surf board too, Sup has been helping, got much better rides than I ever have before..

Looks like there is a few days off, no swell (apart from today, but i’m literally shattered..) so i’m going to recuperate ready for next weeks easterly’s (fingers crossed) and 2 and a half weeks in Dahab from next Thursday.

Maybe being a UK windsurfer isnt that bad after all, you just have to have the stamina to get the most out of the conditions when its on… Sooooo, i’m off to bed… ZZZZzzzz


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