Watergate SUP – going over the falls with a barge tied to one leg…

After last week I was keen for a chilled weekend lying in the garden in the sun, but head high waves down the road at Watergate were just too tempting, I took it pretty steady though and just got in for a few hours each day, pretty surprised how big it was, with a few well overhead bombs coming through…nearly chickened out taking the SUP in, but glad I did as I conquered the fear of bigger waves on a SUP. Saturday was a bit choppy by the time I got in, and the sup was a bit like an aircraft carrier on the faces, but that made Sunday even more satisfying asit was light offshore. Nice to see Dan Linton and Thorpy down and ripping – Thorpy as ever hungry for a wave having driven from Leicester….mad man.

Deep breath?

Got myself pretty close to some chunky shoulders, now I’m really looking forward to the new RRD SUPER SUP’s (performance range) coming out in the summer so I can get on a smaller board and slash it around a bit. Going over the falls with my 9′ barge tied to my leg is just going to end in tears soon.

Chilling out for a few days now, so plenty of time to get the kit packed up for Egypt…..i realized how much I like road tripping as I was trying to squeeze everything into a 32kg bag…  Hopefully the wind will be kind to us, as Egyptian rum = a killer hangover. Gutted im going to miss the Hayling UKWA freestyle, booked my holiday before the dates got released 😦

Kit Packing….in the sun…


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