Dahab’s Windy!

Day 5 into our Egypt trip and its been pretty good! a couple of days of 5.3 to ease us in, then we had 3 days of full power sailing…its been wicked, totally broken now.

Switch Kono – Baby Bay

We have been sailing early to maximize our time on the water, getting to club dahab at 7am each morning, sailing full power til 12/1pm, then chilling all afternoon. Its been really nice, big shout out to club dahab for accommodating us, as always they are very helpful with everything.

Flaka – Baby Bay

Good to sail with some top level sailors for inspiration and to pick up tips. Belgian freestyle guru, Dieter is here and I have been learning a lot from watching him sail and chatting to him. Phil Richards from GET WINDSURFING.COM and club dahabs Colin Dixon are really interesting to talk to about kit set up for the advanced moves, there’s loads of interesting innovations going on as fresstyle is really reaching new levels! Kit is starting to play a really important part in things, loving the techno chat! RRD’s Oscar Carmichael is ripping after a injury year in 2010, watch out for him!

My RRD twinfin 88 is working so well, loving it, helping me land loads of moves, and it is siiiick for double flakas as the short fins make the second rotation easier.

I have come a long way with getting higher and more consistent swtch konos and pushing hard towards air funnels, just smoothing out all the little things you need to to keep speed and height for air moves. Brilliant being here with so many freestylers as everyone is so stoked on it, learning the moves and getting others stoked about trying other variations. Loads of southampton guys are out here pushing for Vulcans, and making amazing progress too!

Looks like a few days rest now, then full power on the weekend. I’m going to see if I can find Nemo on the reef, and hit the Rumo hard!


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