Home from Dahab – Gollito, Tow in and Pictures!

Wild week in dahab, after our first 6 days all the wind decided to disappear, which sucked massively….. Being in dahab, where there’s not a great deal else yo do, we all got a bit frustrated, particularity as conditions were siiick in the UK…but we used our time productively….

First off, we did a Huge amount of eating! Being uber keenos we got to the beach at 7 everyday (just in case it was windy…), then lounged around for a bit before heading to the beach hotels for all you can eat breakfasts…pretty confident in being able to call ourselves experts in dahab food now after rating pretty much all the restaurants on the beach and in town…

Tow IN!

Hired a speed boat for a few hours and had a go at tow in windsurfing, check out the shots – nearly got a flaka/funnel, pretty hard work though, much harder than it looks!

We also paddled on our freestyle boards around rescue island, which was cool as it has millions of fish underneath it!  Did our fair share of snorkelling too, and saw a huge lion fish which was a highlight!

For the last 2 days Golito arrived and brought the wind with him, woop.  Pretty sick watching him sail-very stylish!  We did loads of filming, including getting a bit innovative with the go pro attached to a pole that was achored to the bottom of baby bay.  Gollito was loving it, and we have plenty of video of him landing sick moves infront of it and us crashing lots.  Heres some go pro stills… need to get some RainX for the lens, so apologies for the quality.

Big shout out to Nick Bently for getting his first ever double flaka and puneta, while sailing with the gopro harness mount!!!

Switch Kono with the harness mountswitch kono flymount mast attachmentsweet mast shot

harness mounts rule!Puneta with the harness attachment – weird  that i take an underarm grip with my hand in the move..Shuv-it Spock from the harness mount.

All in all a sick trip, shame about a week of no wind, but we had plenty of full power sessions.  The last day was prety epic, up at 6am, 6 hours sailing, then pack up, transfer, flight, and drive to plymouth….tired.com.  Thanks to Club Dahab for helping us out store kit – check out their new centre when its built, its going to be insane!!!

Im off to Daymar for a Saturday session, rock on! I LOVE WINDSURFING!


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