Full power UK!

What a weekend…and it looks like everyone got to have fun too, going by this xc weather snapshot when i got home! It’s howling everywhere.More pics promised soon, as soon as Dan ‘broken rib’ Linton gets into gear.

Standard plan, hit cornwall in the van for the weekend. windsurf a lot and sleep just as much. Beach of choice on Saturday was Gwithian, nice bit of north in the swell, so i figured it would be a nice size. Arrived at 11 ish after popping into Lidl Hayle for a multipack of sports drinks, 4 kilos of bananas and a loaf of bread (the forecast looked like it was gona blow all weekend, and im not very good at driving away from a windy beach so i wanted to be prepared!). Was pleasantly surprised, head high, few logo sets, rigged the 4.7 and had loads of fun. Plenty of people out really shredding, the locals, adam lewis, dan linton (moaning about his rum & self induced ‘broken’ rib). Sailed for about 5 hours, and forgot that I needed a little bit of energy to climb the goat path….the conditions were good, but it was hard work on the arms, very float and ride, with the odd half hour of full power.

Re vitalised by a cracking BBQ from my friends who had been learning to windsurf at Stithians lake for the day, I drove up to Daymer Bay in preparation for Sunday, we wanted to be there early as it was forecast to blow through quickly. I woke up at 6.20am, peered out the window and couldn’t resist it. After a big bowl of shreddies I was on the water by 7am. Fair play someone was already packing up at 6.30am, so good effort! Daymer produced some of my favourite daymer uber wsurf playground conditions, high tide, bang on shore, small soft waves, so I opted for a freestyle board and hit shakas and switch freestyle hard. Did a bit of jumping, the twintip twinzer loved it. This board is sick on these bumpy freestyle conditions, as the fins give it so much grip and drive compared to any other freestyle board – I had so much fun!!!

Had the place to myself for about 2 hours, then changed down for a 4.2 when a few others arrived, as the waves got a bit smaller I got my first ever air funnell, which felt good, and bailed out on some big shaka ‘pushie’ crashes. A few weeks in dahab has really helped my sailing, feels good to be windsurf fit!

By the time the tide ebbed out and the waves/ jumping on the west side got good, i was starting to flag, so went to suck on the nipple of my luzozade to refuel, an hour later, the spring tide had already exposed the sand, so I had missed the jumping – bit gutted, but still went out and did a few hours of more full power freestyle. Although I now have the nick name ‘roger the wave dodger’…. Finally dragged myself up the beach at 2pm, fully drained, just as the freestyle/ speed strip appeared…gutted. As i said, i’m not very good at saying NO to windsurfing, this time though, my body was firmly in charge…

Highlight of the weekend for me – watching Ross and Ezz trying to tandem kite surf on a 11’2 SUP, in waves and 25 knots of wind. Nice one boys.

Also Check this out http://www.team-gregory.co.uk/ Mr Demsey looks like someone is ticcling him…its on artic lorry all over the southwest!!

Right, having just got my K4 prototype freestyle fins i’m going to try those out in the board ready for tomorrow, before settling down to some hardcore sleeping. Bonza.


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