A new side to windsurfing – teach a friend!

Been a bit quieter here on the windsurfing front, but that is because the doc told me to stop windsurfing so the huge infected hole in my foot could heal-its been there since Egypt but the conditions in the UK have been non stop, so it just got bigger and bigger. Bit gutted as the conditions have been pretty good for freestyle still. Anyway, I put the ‘injury’ to good use and decided to get some friends windsurfing. A few guys had been showing a bit of interest in kiting at work, so I quickly said NO and said lets go windsurfing. It was 4.7 weather over at Torpoint, and I got them both out on 3.7 and 4.2, 9 foot sup and a carve 161 for their first ever windsurfing experiences.

It all went down pretty well, with Louis getting pretty hooked, almost planing, tacking and trying water starts in his first ever session! Amazing! Mike wasn’t far behind and was cruising around until it was getting dark. Very rewarding experience for me, nice to get someone new into the sport I am so keen on! Next time your hurt and cant sail or its not quiet windy enough, get a friend out!!! The guys now are stoked on it and keep calling me up asking for their next lesson! Jules was a great instructor for them, worth mentioning that shes instructing at the FLOW ladies weekend at Stitihians, Cornwall soon – get involved, they have loads of fun stuff planned and its a cracking location.

Windsurf Plymouth was out in full force, and we were even joined by the most impressive rainbow!

Mike and Louis – now hooked on windyplanking (not so sure about the gimp hat in June tho..)

Jules ripping around Torpoint -practicing for Mumbles 😉

This Sunday, I went out for a quick freestyle at the Reactive Watersports Demo day at a new spot for me, Siblyback lake (Highly recommended in North and south winds!!), loads of great kit on offer, I had a good session, but going against doctors orders has put my foot back a fair bit. Wasn’t fun walking to work this morning…..still i’m firmly not going on the water now till Mumbles freestyle in two weeks and am going to be entertained by the PWA live feed enjoying INSANE action and some awesome stinky chat from Bubble, profit and max. What more could you want?

Evening Sunset drinking beers at the Reactive watersports Demo Weekend


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