Virtual Windsurfing!

Well, any normal punter in the south west is probably a bit p***ed off with the recent weather but im stoked! lost count of the weekends that have been windy now, which is awesome for July!!! Last week I got on the water several times, Wednesday and friday after work at Topoint’s speed strip, which was insane!!! Then on friday after the sail (7.30pm) I jumped in the van, had fish and chips on the torpoint ferry and drove to weymouth, to grab a quick dusk session on the water with Nick Bentley. We did a good 6 hours on the water on the Saturday as well, in cracking sunshine and 15-20knots, i was trying Shuv it spock, Nick was trying everything!!! Had to drag him off the water….

It took me most of the week to recover from that, but last weekend delivered a brilliant forecast, Saturday and Sunday! It was so good that Windsurf Plymouth called a beach day on Sunday at Daymer Bay, North Cornwall. I went up on Saturday and got out on the 4.7, but sunday was the best day, in true daymer windsurf playground style it produced the goods. Jumping in the morning, followed by world class freestyle on the strip at low, then waves as it pushed over the bar. If you have never sailed this spot, do it, its great for all ability’s and has a great vibe!

Windsurf Plymouth is a new concept aimed at creating a ‘Virtual windsurfing club’ for windsurfers in the SW, through facebook and its website, it helps local windsurfers get together, meet new people, encourage them to sail new spots and generally spread the windsurfing love. Sunday was a great day for it, with several people gaining the confidence to come further afield, try sailing on the sea etc. I met loads of new people, including John Warren who is a keen photographer and actively encourages you to get as close as possible to him when he is shooting in the water! Check out some of his shots HERE!

A cool shot from John from Saturday

Had a bit of spare time this week, and have put together my Dahab Video, check it out:

Now looking forward to my summer holiday, 31/2 weeks in Europe, can’t wait for it, should be loads of windsurfing….and NO WORK!



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