Road Trip Excitement..

After potentially the best wedding … EVER last night in a massive house on Dartmoor i’m sheltering from the bright lights and preparing for the trip into Europe in the van which starts on Thursday night at Plymouth Ferry Port. Whoop.  3.5 weeks of windy action i hope.  This will be the 8th year of doing this trip, so well rehearsed drill now. Plan of action : put full trust in wind guru, which on the long range forecast looks like this years trip will start on the algarve…. Initially it looks like we will be hitting Martinhal in Sagres for some freestyle warm up sessions. Its a 21 hour drive from Roscoff, so we will get to Roscoff early doors Friday morning, then smash out 20 hours over 2 days, so potentially get a sail in on Sat avo if all goes to plan.  Hopefully some of the northern Portugal spots and Galithia will get some wind this year.

Van is slowly getting packed with Baked Beans and a load of kit.  Cant wait to smash down some portugese coffee and go full power!

Here’s a shot from last year at martinhal, one of the most underestimated freestyle spots ever…




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