Sagres – Tarifa – Sagres

Been road tripping for just over 1 week now, had some amazing sessions , sailing everyday… initially 2 days in Martinhal, Sagres for freestyle, then 3 days of nuclear conditions in Tarifa getting smashed on Shakas in 42 knots, now back to Sagres, where it looks like the wind is staying for a week.  We will probaly hit the north of portugal in a few days for some jumping at Vianna do Castello.  Exited.

Last night borrowed a Canon 7D and a uber expensive lens and got some nice shots of Martinhal freestyle.

If anyone is keen to get out to Martinhal, its an awesome spot, for freestyle and freeride with very cheap accomm in Sagres and cheap flights to Faro and you can rent windsurf kit from Dani Windsurf right on the beach who is super cool stoking RRD boards and Simmer Sails – check out his blog…

Air Funnel – Martinhal. By Julia Slack

Switch Kono Martinhal – By Julia Slack




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