My favourite drug

Wowsa! My body is broken, the van is over due a service, the grass needs mowing, there’s no food in the fridge, I havnt kept up with any emails, and I only just got on here to update my blog!

Its been windy…alot!

The last few weeks of our summer trip was fun, although the wind didnt play ball, and we were unlucky not to do much windsurfing in Galithia.  Plenty of sup surfing though, including some with the dophins, which was a cool experience.

On arriving back to the UK, the wind also came and we got thermally enhanced easterlys at bigbury, followed by NWF where I competed in the Night tow in and the freestyle event.  Landed a funnel in the tow in, which was cool, since ive never landed a tow in move before.  Meeting Roberto Ricci was awesome,the party epic, as usual and so was the racing – got an 11th in one race in the pro fleet, so stoked! Highlight was the atmosphere on the water during night tow in due to the crowd, environment and the commentary.  Absolutely priceless.

Picture by Dave White (

Racing up the funnel at NWF – Evidence of Max Rowe cheating to beat me 😉

Work that monday was hard, but an all time full week of strong westerlies couldnt keep me away from bigbury for after work session…. I got to Wednesday and on arriving to the beach I fell asleep in the drivers seat.  After that I decided to chill for the next few days so I had some energy for Poole Windfest that had an amazing forecast and produced equally good conditions.  I finished equal 5th, which I was pretty happy about considering the top 4 are full time professional windsurfers plus I came away with some good goals for improving my sailing.  The past 2 weekends have been amazing for showcasing UK freestyle to the industry and to the public- next year is going to be amazing, I can’t wait.

Poole Windfest but Harry Newton

Moody Bigbury -chasing waves

After another monday spent with match sticks under my eyelids I got to start on that improvement plan at St Johns Lake, and continued that into Tuesday and Wednesday.  Finally the past weekend, was another Daymer special – Full power 4.2 Jumping and freestyle – a classic weekend with a fair bit of bust kit.

Finally this week gave me a bit of time off, which I needed.  Windsurfing in the UK makes you be careful not to become complacent as you never know when your next session will be.  When the wind is good, it starts to ruin me as I hate to stop and feel like i’m taking it for granted…Still here I am, only a few days of cold turkey and i’m frothing for this weekends forecast already – Windsurfing really is some sort of Drug, I love it!!!!

See you on the water!

Air Flaka in the round 3 final – Poole Windfest – by Josh Wilmott

A crazy fast almost airborne Spock 540 during a heat, it was so fast i didnt think I could hang on! – Pic By Josh Wilmott

Finally A nice few shots from the summer – Air Funnel Martinhal…and sup surfing in As Furnas , Galica (with dophins)!


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