First time(s)

An awesome birthday weekend forecast for me – although the direction was a little rare, so I decided to check out some spots i hadn’t sailed before.  Refraining from too much birthday drinking action, I was up early on Sat am to head to Penhale.  We arrive to see, cordroy lines, barrels but little wind.  Half hour of SUP and an excitable run back up the dreaded dune and I was windsurfing it.  Good fun, but the wind was up and down and very offshore.  A fun wave, im keen to try it again.

After a pasty and a can of coke, we were back in, this time at Godrevy, where we had a nice hour of superb wobble and ride on boom high sets, before the wind disappeared.

With the unusual SSE wind on Sunday, Reuban and Lucy of suggested we all sail Whitsands.  Again, a killer hike down the cliff was on the cards but it was all worth it for 2 lovely hours of cross on jumping and riding with some punchy low tide waves.  The sun was out and the walk wasn’t all that bad.  I even claimed a backloop. Woop.

Sailing new spots for the first time is awesome, adds even more adventure to the session….looking forward to getting back to have more fun at both beaches.

A nice shot taken by Ian looking down at the action at Whitsands Bay….


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