Summer 2011 Video

Dark evenings and no wind has lured me to trawl through the gigabytes of video we captured while away in the summer and put this little video together…

Using the Brittany ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff made the trip a load easier…jumped in the van on Thursday night, drove down the road to the ferry and woke up the next morning in France. One last check of wheres windy followed by Two 10 hour driving days and plenty of baguette, cheese, chorizo, coffee and Julia’s snoring and we arrived to a 25 knot Nortada in Sagres. We windsurfed like nutters for a few days there before heading south to Tarifa where we caught up with friends and battled freestyle in 40 knots (but failed to get the camera out once…). Then back to Sagres for a full week before heading north to catch wind and waves in the Northern parts of Portugal. Unfortunately the wind didn’t materialize up there, perhaps a little unlucky and late in the season with the coast shrouded by cloud. However, we surfed some big days in Galicia and shared some smaller ones with a huge pod of dolphins. At the end of the trip we chased the wind home sailing a few new spots. I will always love traveling in the van – the freedom of where you can go and the amount of kit you can take plus you get to camp right on the beach and get views that would cost a bomb in a hotel.

Got some fun time lapse shots using the Go Pro and a kitchen timer to get the pan effect.


Right – next w’surf trip plan….Xmas? Easter? ….


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