Stormchase – West Kirby

Felt like a bit of a change of scenery this weekend, and although there was some great swell in the SW, two solid days of full power freestyle at west kirby tempted me…its been over two years since I last rocked up to kirby, and i had been looking for this opportunity for a long time-the storm chase was on!

K4 freestyle

Leaving Plymouth at 5ish on Friday night, we had a great drive up, arriving at west kirby for bed time. In the morning, the wind was a nice 4.7 strength ready for a warm up.  After the spring tide breaching the wall had subsided by the afternoon, the wind had built to 4.2 then 3.7 weather.  This place is seriously good for freestyle!

It was nice to be joined by Seb Willis and Jack Sawbridge for the session too – afterwards we spent the evening chilling in spoons reminiscing the epic trips to Dakhla….its not often I get to catch up with these guys, so it kinda gave the weekend an added bonus.

After going to bed at 9pm, I woke up at 7am fully prepared for the hectic bit of the storm.  Opening the van door to Kirby lake was nuts, it was howling about 45knots according to my anemometer and about 5 C, with driving rain. The speedies were already rigged (and yes it was still dark at this point) and Thorpy was on the water almost before I could see the wall…

Although I was gagging to get on the water to make the most of it, I resisted for a bit, as freestyle in 45 knots aint all that fun, so i filmed while Julia took some shots that are below…we initially thought steve was smiling in his shots, but apparently this face is pretty normal.  Fair play he did go something like 47 knots 6 inches away from the concrete wall…

I’m not very good at watching windsurfing so got in at 9 ish for a few hours in about 40 knots, before again hybernating in the van during the wall breach, ready for the wind to drop (to 25knots) and the sun to come out for the afternoon session.  A cracking session, with loads of awesome sailors out, including Ollie and Ike Bradley Baker, who are getting really really good – watch this space!!! And Jack Sawbridge has fully fully dialled shakas after spending about a year living in the sand in Dakhla! I had a great session, stoked to try and get the feeling for Burners as well as finally getting my head round flat water shaka’s …i think.  Great to get a chance to properly try out the K4 twin fin freestyle 14’s which work very very well – thinner profile seems to help with speed and acceleration, so makes the Twintip Twinzer even better!

The 5.5 hour drive home went like an hour – completely buzzing from an amazing weekend away!


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