Mega winter…

Plenty of winter action going on at the moment, its surprisingly mild and super windy in the UK ( well the SW…) – loving it.  Been keeping local most of the time and scoring some nice sessions at Bigbury and Torpoint, with a week of epic swell also for some SUP surfing.  Thats been working well with house work (relaying patios and making a vegi patch!!) Getting keen on the UKWA freestyle tour now so investing in some freestyle hours on the new kit (more on that soon…)

I have been doing a fair bit of writing recently for the windsurfing mags, including my columns…. check them out here and here

One memorable session recently was Bigbury several weeks back, where I tried out the new K4 stubbies – great fun.  Its awesome to be able to play around with fins – it makes an incredible difference! K4 have made it affordable to do so on multi fin boards, so get involved!  I have even been playing around with them on my SUP’s – heres a 16 stubbie on my 7’11 SUP from a Droskyn session.

A few shots from Julia of me on the new tushingham edge at Bgbury in late Jan, plus one from the first after work Whitsands session when we got a decent south coast swell – Whitsands on it day is AMAZING!


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