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Glorious sunshine, awesome swell and easterly winds were on the cards for this weekend, i decided to go for the wind and headed far west for more wind, with the comforting thought that there would be awesome waves to play in if the wind didnt show.  I wanted to fully smash the weekend, surf and sail as much as possible, because for the first week of summer im off selling stuff with work in the North East and Scotland, so no after work sessions for me this week.  I did a pretty good job, im writing this ready for bed at half 8 on Sunday evening.


There was a fair ammount of FOMO on the drive down early Sat, knowing that bigbury can deliver some cracking thermal enhancement on a warm easterly, but the forecast was a bit iffy and it look sure thing in Cornwall for Praa / Mazza.  Only draw back was the BIIIIG spring tides….

Arrived at 9am at Praa to see Debbie Kennedy already out. Conditions were good on the falling tide so jumped in on 4.7, but unfortunately after just 3 or 4 waves, conditions deteriorated in terms of both wind and waves.  Beautiful spot and punchy wave that I was struggling with….all good practice though!

Julia got a few snaps, but the conditions (and my performance) didnt really give her much chance…



Decided I would give Mazza ago, even though I knew the waves were not there, there was still wind, so worth a try – nice 15-20 knots was blowing so straight out on the Flare 91 and Edge 5.2 for a session perfect for Shaka practice and switch stance on the way in.  Lasted a few hours before the thermally enhanced wind dropped off.  Did loads of testing of the K4 ‘Bubble’ Freestyle fin in different sizes  as well as a new improved materials to see the performance differences. Plenty of people out enjoying the conditions, inclucing Scott Perry and Ric Cleworth – good to see ric loving the conditions on his first day living in Cornwall, landed his first 1 handed shaka.  Bit disappointing compared to the forecast, but all good anyway.  No photos im afraid, was gona get the go pro out but the card was full up – oops.

After a Mocha in the sun, chatting vans and other general rubbish I cruised up to Gwithian car park to see what the surf was looking like – jumped straight in and had a nice session under the cliff out of the wind before going down to Godrevy and surfing some nicely shaped waves due to the strong offshore breeze. First session out on a full set of K4 Sup fins, which worked AMAZINGLY, loads of grip and drive just what you need on a sup – I set up the Starboard 7’11 with an 18 stubby and 12cm Carves in the sides. Some nice shots below by Jules.  Was in bed by 9 in the van.  Amazing day!


Smacking it into a floater.ImageK4’s on show!





I did’nt make this – close though – need to work on the paddle switching shizzle..


Up early for the perfect breakfast – Egg and Bacon roll + cup of tea in the Gwithian Car Park before a quick dip.  Great to start with, buut the quick out going tide seemed to muck up the waves after a few hours.  Started to get windy so I got twitchy – checked Windsurf Plymouth for any Bigbury eye balls, but looked light, so headed to Maza to be greeted with solid 20 knots.  Out again on the freestyle kit, but it only lasted about 30 mins.  Still better than nothing.  Topped off with a ice cream YUM.  Back to Gwithian as I wanted to replicate the evening before session under the cliff, but arrived and the swell was a lot smaller.  Got back on the road with a plan to head to Watergate or elsewhere, but bottled it as I decided I had surfed enough for 1 weekend.  All in all a complete cracker, loads of water time and a tan as well!

Sunday Morning driving the Starboard 7’11 with NEW K4 set up into a bottom turn- Bootiful!



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