Pinks, purples and blues.

Pretty full power few days back on the water… Daymer was 3.7 yesterday but the waves were poor so had a 3 hour freestyle sesh with sam sills. Bigbury was ballistic today and it’s howling here still( just had to prop my fence up). Small waves to ride at high tide and then as the tide dropped Andy king, dan Linton and myself went down to the bantham side where there were some nice bowling waves, although it was soooo windy by then they were tricky to ride. Good skills by Andy trying to hop onto dans shoulders as he bailed a backloop…..

More tomorrow I guess….. Full forecast of pinks and purples…. Happy holidays 🙂

No pictures again … Everyones having too much fun sailing…


Windsurfy Christmas

Had a great 3 hour session on xmas day at Torpoint on 4.7, as it was christmas day I would have been happy just getting on the water to be honest, even if it was rubbish, but it was a brilliant session! Torpoint speed strip rocks for freestyle!!!  Loads of moves going down, and julia even managed to start trying Vulcans – she was stoked.  Got home and cooked a beast of a Christmas dinner, ate waaaaaay to much, drunk loooooads  of wine and fell asleep watching BIG.  Epic.  Big shout out to everyone who made it out on Xmas Day- Dave Temple and Girlfirend plus Scott Perry.  It was lovely and warm!

Looks like we going to get some nice wind in the west country this week…YEEEEEEEEEHH!

I didnt get an pics from our xmas day session, but heres one i took on my new Canon 70-200 L series lens of ex-NeilPryde/JP UK Rep Dan Linton freestyling just before sunset on Xmas Eve – taken through the bushes!! – Spot: Daymer Bay.  If you ever want to see the sickest Air spocks ever, follow Dan around on the water, he has the fastest hands ever!!

and one of me carving the beef up – raaaaad!

All I want for Christmas….

I guess we can’t complain this year, its been really windy, even on the weekends in the UK….and its only just starting to get cold.  Windsurfing has been filling my weekends, lots of fun sized waves at Bigbury, some superb freestyle conditions at Torpoint and some bigger waves at Whitsands.  Heres a few pictures from the last few weekends wave sessions by Julia Slack….if you want to see more click the link at the bottom for the FULL album.

I’m off work for a few weeks over xmas which means we are free to hit the wind or surf or snow wherever it will be.  This weeks task is to get the Eberspacher heater in the van fully operational again, then we are free to explore the UK…maybe even further afield if we have to.  Cant Wait!

Having never got out on Xmas day on a windsurfer, it would make my Christmas if I could this year – fingers crossed!

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West Kirby Storm chase Video

Plenty of crashes in this! Fully hectic wind, even a bit of speed sailor action in the middle… see my last post for the full story of this trip – enjoy…

Stormchase – West Kirby

Felt like a bit of a change of scenery this weekend, and although there was some great swell in the SW, two solid days of full power freestyle at west kirby tempted me…its been over two years since I last rocked up to kirby, and i had been looking for this opportunity for a long time-the storm chase was on!

K4 freestyle

Leaving Plymouth at 5ish on Friday night, we had a great drive up, arriving at west kirby for bed time. In the morning, the wind was a nice 4.7 strength ready for a warm up.  After the spring tide breaching the wall had subsided by the afternoon, the wind had built to 4.2 then 3.7 weather.  This place is seriously good for freestyle!

It was nice to be joined by Seb Willis and Jack Sawbridge for the session too – afterwards we spent the evening chilling in spoons reminiscing the epic trips to Dakhla….its not often I get to catch up with these guys, so it kinda gave the weekend an added bonus.

After going to bed at 9pm, I woke up at 7am fully prepared for the hectic bit of the storm.  Opening the van door to Kirby lake was nuts, it was howling about 45knots according to my anemometer and about 5 C, with driving rain. The speedies were already rigged (and yes it was still dark at this point) and Thorpy was on the water almost before I could see the wall…

Although I was gagging to get on the water to make the most of it, I resisted for a bit, as freestyle in 45 knots aint all that fun, so i filmed while Julia took some shots that are below…we initially thought steve was smiling in his shots, but apparently this face is pretty normal.  Fair play he did go something like 47 knots 6 inches away from the concrete wall…

I’m not very good at watching windsurfing so got in at 9 ish for a few hours in about 40 knots, before again hybernating in the van during the wall breach, ready for the wind to drop (to 25knots) and the sun to come out for the afternoon session.  A cracking session, with loads of awesome sailors out, including Ollie and Ike Bradley Baker, who are getting really really good – watch this space!!! And Jack Sawbridge has fully fully dialled shakas after spending about a year living in the sand in Dakhla! I had a great session, stoked to try and get the feeling for Burners as well as finally getting my head round flat water shaka’s …i think.  Great to get a chance to properly try out the K4 twin fin freestyle 14’s which work very very well – thinner profile seems to help with speed and acceleration, so makes the Twintip Twinzer even better!

The 5.5 hour drive home went like an hour – completely buzzing from an amazing weekend away!

Summer 2011 Video

Dark evenings and no wind has lured me to trawl through the gigabytes of video we captured while away in the summer and put this little video together…

Using the Brittany ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff made the trip a load easier…jumped in the van on Thursday night, drove down the road to the ferry and woke up the next morning in France. One last check of wheres windy followed by Two 10 hour driving days and plenty of baguette, cheese, chorizo, coffee and Julia’s snoring and we arrived to a 25 knot Nortada in Sagres. We windsurfed like nutters for a few days there before heading south to Tarifa where we caught up with friends and battled freestyle in 40 knots (but failed to get the camera out once…). Then back to Sagres for a full week before heading north to catch wind and waves in the Northern parts of Portugal. Unfortunately the wind didn’t materialize up there, perhaps a little unlucky and late in the season with the coast shrouded by cloud. However, we surfed some big days in Galicia and shared some smaller ones with a huge pod of dolphins. At the end of the trip we chased the wind home sailing a few new spots. I will always love traveling in the van – the freedom of where you can go and the amount of kit you can take plus you get to camp right on the beach and get views that would cost a bomb in a hotel.

Got some fun time lapse shots using the Go Pro and a kitchen timer to get the pan effect.


Right – next w’surf trip plan….Xmas? Easter? ….

A Revival!

A busy few weeks, with the Gwithian wave classic ending my competition year.  Unfortunately no result in my fleet, but apparently I was sailing well in the tricky Gwithian Close outs according to (click to read)

Following the event, I got an awesome email from the UKWA asking me to be involved in a London International Boat show Indoor Tow in Freestyle Comp! Amazing!  Its been about 6 or 7 years since we last saw indoor windsurfing i think, and I’m absolutely stoked to have been asked to be involved in it this time along with the top UK Pros! Hopefully the indoor scene will continue to keep growing.  Its all still pending confirmation, but were all working hard to pull together to make sure it will happen 🙂

Last weekend we got our first practice session in at Hove Lagoon -ensuring we could get up to speed in the 70m pool…did a bit of experimentation with standing starts which worked. Keep posted for further details!  A few sketchy quality images below…

Me, preparing for a tow…experimenting with the standing start…

And…fellow RRD/Spartan team mate Simsy clearly enjoying himself mid tow..

I’m doing a bit of scheming to get the ski we have in plymouth up and running for some secret training sessions (if its flat and windless)…

Oh, and got the first set of K4 Twin fin freestyle fins hot out the mould on Friday (14cm).  Not got a real chance to test them properly yet, but first impressions are that they are super stiff, amazingly light and a thinner profile should mean more speed out of my twin fin.  Mega – cant wait to try them out.  If you havnt tried a twin fin board yet for freestyle, get involved – its amazing for grip but has the benefit of a super small fin for rotations.

First time(s)

An awesome birthday weekend forecast for me – although the direction was a little rare, so I decided to check out some spots i hadn’t sailed before.  Refraining from too much birthday drinking action, I was up early on Sat am to head to Penhale.  We arrive to see, cordroy lines, barrels but little wind.  Half hour of SUP and an excitable run back up the dreaded dune and I was windsurfing it.  Good fun, but the wind was up and down and very offshore.  A fun wave, im keen to try it again.

After a pasty and a can of coke, we were back in, this time at Godrevy, where we had a nice hour of superb wobble and ride on boom high sets, before the wind disappeared.

With the unusual SSE wind on Sunday, Reuban and Lucy of suggested we all sail Whitsands.  Again, a killer hike down the cliff was on the cards but it was all worth it for 2 lovely hours of cross on jumping and riding with some punchy low tide waves.  The sun was out and the walk wasn’t all that bad.  I even claimed a backloop. Woop.

Sailing new spots for the first time is awesome, adds even more adventure to the session….looking forward to getting back to have more fun at both beaches.

A nice shot taken by Ian looking down at the action at Whitsands Bay….

SUP: Its Going to Get Intresting….

I decided to competee at the BSUPA SUP national championships on Saturday which was an amazing experience.  45 keen sup surfers entered to battle it out in amazing glassy watergate 3-5 foot.  I really wanted to head down to meet some more sup riders and check out some new boards as the equipment is going through some radical developments at the moment and its interesting to see whats about.  SUP surfing is a pretty lonely thing to be doing in cornwall, not many people have embraced it yet, but in countries like France, many many surfers are riding SUP’s now, getting more waves and generally being less miserable getting cold in the line up….I think the same will happen here soon.

The competition went well, I surfed in round one and two, but didn’t progress any further.  I learn’t loads about how I need to improve from getting feedback from the judges and watching the other guys styles.   After watching round 3, I had to get in for a free surf and probably had one of my best SUP surf sessions in a while, ripping on some great waves just north of the contest area with Reuben Ellis, Marie Buchanan and Lucy Arthur (proving that the 2012 9′ red paddle company INFLATABLE sup can handle some pretty big waves!), check out the action at…. Reuben and Marie and myself were all riding the same 7’11 so it was cool to push each other to try more more moves in the critical section of the waves.  It was amazing to try and use the paddle more effectively after what I had learn t in the  competition, really driving the board to get speed and using it on turns.  The paddle really opens up a new dimension to surfing!!

SUP surfing is going through a really interesting stage right now, with some interesting concepts developing.  Some shapers are going down a traditional route and sticking with sups that will promote long board styles, and some are pushing the shortboard style sups that fit the world tour requirements, however others are really innovating and developing short sups that have minimal inertia so they feel like shortboard surfing.  Stand out products at watergate for me, was the Gong ShortSUP 6’6 Fatal.  An incredibly well finished board that im now excited to try and have a go on.

Check out the shot of it in action below…courtesy of

Here’s some pictures of the action thanks to Lucy Arthur (was tricky battling with low tide watergate close outs in my first heat…)

Have a look through the GONG sites pictures and video, Patrice (the shaper) seems to be a very innovative guy, this video link really shows this.  Imagine what could develop out of this strapped sup surfing – time will tell, but its going to get interesting!!!!

My favourite drug

Wowsa! My body is broken, the van is over due a service, the grass needs mowing, there’s no food in the fridge, I havnt kept up with any emails, and I only just got on here to update my blog!

Its been windy…alot!

The last few weeks of our summer trip was fun, although the wind didnt play ball, and we were unlucky not to do much windsurfing in Galithia.  Plenty of sup surfing though, including some with the dophins, which was a cool experience.

On arriving back to the UK, the wind also came and we got thermally enhanced easterlys at bigbury, followed by NWF where I competed in the Night tow in and the freestyle event.  Landed a funnel in the tow in, which was cool, since ive never landed a tow in move before.  Meeting Roberto Ricci was awesome,the party epic, as usual and so was the racing – got an 11th in one race in the pro fleet, so stoked! Highlight was the atmosphere on the water during night tow in due to the crowd, environment and the commentary.  Absolutely priceless.

Picture by Dave White (

Racing up the funnel at NWF – Evidence of Max Rowe cheating to beat me 😉

Work that monday was hard, but an all time full week of strong westerlies couldnt keep me away from bigbury for after work session…. I got to Wednesday and on arriving to the beach I fell asleep in the drivers seat.  After that I decided to chill for the next few days so I had some energy for Poole Windfest that had an amazing forecast and produced equally good conditions.  I finished equal 5th, which I was pretty happy about considering the top 4 are full time professional windsurfers plus I came away with some good goals for improving my sailing.  The past 2 weekends have been amazing for showcasing UK freestyle to the industry and to the public- next year is going to be amazing, I can’t wait.

Poole Windfest but Harry Newton

Moody Bigbury -chasing waves

After another monday spent with match sticks under my eyelids I got to start on that improvement plan at St Johns Lake, and continued that into Tuesday and Wednesday.  Finally the past weekend, was another Daymer special – Full power 4.2 Jumping and freestyle – a classic weekend with a fair bit of bust kit.

Finally this week gave me a bit of time off, which I needed.  Windsurfing in the UK makes you be careful not to become complacent as you never know when your next session will be.  When the wind is good, it starts to ruin me as I hate to stop and feel like i’m taking it for granted…Still here I am, only a few days of cold turkey and i’m frothing for this weekends forecast already – Windsurfing really is some sort of Drug, I love it!!!!

See you on the water!

Air Flaka in the round 3 final – Poole Windfest – by Josh Wilmott

A crazy fast almost airborne Spock 540 during a heat, it was so fast i didnt think I could hang on! – Pic By Josh Wilmott

Finally A nice few shots from the summer – Air Funnel Martinhal…and sup surfing in As Furnas , Galica (with dophins)!

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